Are luxury watches really a good investment?

We are often asked this question by people who are not so familiar with the luxury watch business. And also by those who are interested in getting their share of the market but are a little sceptical as they start out. Our first answer is always this – YES! Luxury watches are an excellent investment, […]

Auctioning a Luxury Watch with Bezel Brothers

We have had much interest in the Watch Auction feature on our website of late, with some successful watch auctions having already taken place. As a result, this week’s blog explains all you need to know about auctioning a watch on Bezel Brothers. Hopefully, it will answer some of your questions on the process. You […]

Wahlberg’s Watches

Mark Wahlberg, the well-known Hollywood actor has starred in huge hits such as The Departed, Ted, The Fighter and Daddy’s Home. The fitness fanatic and entrepreneur has also had great success as a TV producer with series like Entourage and Ballers, and even made it briefly as rapper ‘Marky Mark’ in a former life. However, […]